something beautiful


I haven’t written a post in a while, mostly because my crazy every day routine has kept me so busy. However, yesterday was such a massively beautiful and hopeful display of love and unity that I can’t not document it.

Yesterday was the woman’s march, and though I had originally decided not to participate because I have a 3 month old who depends on me round the clock, there was something inside me telling me to try, to make an effort and be as involved as I could. I knew I wouldn’t be able to march with the hundred’s and thousands of woman in D.C or even L.A because I was just too much of a nervous mama to take Harland with me in that kind of crowd, as peaceful as it was. However, there was a local rally in Pasadena, and even though it wasn’t a “march” it was moving none the less and I am SO happy I decided to take part in such a historic moment.

As my husband, son, mother in law, sister in law and I walked to City Hall all I could notice were the hundreds of woman (and men!) all strangers, hugging and laughing, resinating hopefulness and strength. As we all merged from different corners of the city and into the street at City Hall there was so much love in the air it was almost palpable. There were mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, children and babies, grandparents and elders, teachers, students, gov’t workers, and everyone and anyone in between. People from all different races, religions, classes and ages united together to fight for each other and for women. While I stood in a crowd of nearly 700 people, I didn’t hear one negative, unproductive comment. Of course there were undertones against our new administration, but nothing said was outright cruel, or aggressive. Everyone was there for the same reason, wanting the same thing, equality, unity, peace, understanding and LOVE.

Yesterday was the first day in my whole life where I saw such masses come together to protect and fight and in such a loving and peaceful way. I am so grateful to have been able to stand there and hear our Senator’s and city officials speak about how we are going to create a resistant, a movement against such a broken system, “When they go low, we go local,” was a common chant amongst the crowd. I felt proud to be standing there with my husband and son, knowing that this day will be remembered and we will have made a small dent, or even a large one for our future and the future of our children.

Yesterday almost 3 million women, men, and children stood together to fight for something bigger than themselves, and it was such a beautiful sight to see. Even though I am scared and unsure right now, I no longer feel so alone. I feel so much support and comfort in knowing there are millions of people out there willing to fight the fight together, and that’s something beautiful.


Oh, America. I’m trying not to judge you.


As I sit here in the park holding my peacefully sleeping son I feel so many emotions…fear, sadness, disappointment, anger, but somehow also hope. Hope for America’s future after all of this. I’m lost for words on how such a person could be seen as fit to run this country and be a role model for our children. But as I sit here and look at my beautiful child I hope that this event will unite Americans and bring us together to create a better future for our children and loved ones. I hope we use this as a lesson learned and not to be repeated.

I want my child to grow up in a world were differences are celebrated, where people really are created equal, where we can all love one another despite opinion. This Utopian world has always been a dream, but at least we were closer to it before the events of last night. Trump becoming president will have a negative impact on so many lives that have worked hard and built this country.

I just hope as time moves on we will heal from this and try to remember WE are America, he is but one person and even though he has a large army behind him, the American people have an even bigger army if we all pull together.┬áHe has insulted too many of us to get away with it. Let’s give him hell these next 4 years and hope they go by fast.

I don’t want to get into the politics of it all, because it’s pointless. What’s done is done, but I do want to urge all of us to try to look forward and hope for a better future, one without a sexist, racist, ignorant, rich boy bully of a human running our country.