health’s role in a family.

BBBB_pizza (1)

There was a time not too far back when my husband and I would eat crappy, greasy dominos pizza…sometimes more than once a week, oof. A time when we both thought our cravings could only be fixed by the worst version of a comfort food. The idea of eating a “healthy” pizza was ridiculous, and there was no such thing. We didn’t think we could enjoy it the same way we enjoyed the grease and cheese. Besides we were young and it didn’t matter, right? I would always play it cool like I wasn’t horribly affected by my choice to eat that grease bucket, but the truth is I ALWAYS felt horrible inside and out afterwards, but I thought, “that’s just how it is…and this habit won’t last forever.” Well, the habit lasted long enough for me to really feel it in my body and my mind…to a point where I didn’t even want the crappy food but it was such a routine that I couldn’t stop, and again I thought..”that’s just how it is I guess.”

That is not how it has to be. It’s never too late to stop, flip it, reverse it, as Missy Elliott would say.

Now, years later, and through my journey as a health and wellness coach, I’ve broken those habits and I have learned that the healthier version of my favorite comfort foods are not only great to eat, but leave me feeling great too. I don’t feel like I’ve swallowed a loaf of bread, or inhaled a block of cheese. I feel like I enjoyed my food and fueled my body with all of the good nutrition it needs to give my body energy, life, and love. I’ve learned that you can have your cake and eat it too…you just have to get creative with it.

This is even more important to me now that I have a little one, who by the way, is starting to eat solids. Dun dun dunnnn! But now more than ever I’m paying attention to my food and what I eat. I want to be a good roll model for him, and I feel like it’s my duty for my roll to include the food we eat! I don’t want my son to grow up drooling over the quick fix foods that hide a bunch of sugar and high fructose in them to make him act like he’s on crack. I want him to grow up LOVING food, but the right version of it.

A lot of people think it’s too hard or inconvenient to eat healthier..but it doesn’t have to be at all. It all depends on priority honestly, and especially with children in the house, priorities should include food and a healthy diet. It’s all about getting creative! Finding fun ways to make healthy food DELICIOUS and exciting.

Above is a foodie before and after. A version of a pepperoni pizza I USED to eat on the left, and a Thai chicken pizza I just made the other night on the right (if you’re on my program a whole pizza counts for 1 lean and green meal + a healthy snack). Habits are hard to break…I know, I’ve been there, but think about your body, your mind, and how you want them to feel. Who’s ready to learn how to fuel their body with all of the good stuff without feeling restricted? Honestly, I wasn’t…not until I realized it wasn’t just about ME anymore, but about my family and how I want my kids relationship with food to be. So, I took the chance to change my mindset and learn how good healthy could taste and feel. I fell in love with it so much I decided to become a health coach to help others feel good too. So, the change is so worth it guys, and you don’t have to walk the path alone, but it’s all up to you…as I have learned.

P.S I’m totally terrified, but I’ve decided to be more present with bringing health and food into my blog, since that is what I do, haha. So let me know if you would like to learn more about my optimal health program and/or the pizza recipe I made! It’s totally yummy, and surprisingly easy to make, I promise!